3D Printing

9:45AM – 12PM
Room: 134

The Activity

The session will begin with a brief introduction to the benefits and affordances of 3D printing paired with a detailed tutorial of the 3D modeling software, TinkerCad. Participants will then diverge into groups to work through a 3D printing design challenge using TinkerCad. (We can’t tell you what the challenge is or it would spoil the fun!)  All 3D models produced during this session will be printed over lunch and made available to session participants at the end of the day to assemble, display, and share with other attendees at the MAKEiT conference.  

What is it?

3D printing has changed the way ideas are rapidly brought to life in nearly every field of science, technology, medicine, art, and design. The accessibility and relative affordability of 3D printing hardware and software has empowered makers from all over the world to materialize their visions without the expense and overhead of industrial facilities.

How To Prepare For The Session

What to Bring

A laptop (Mac or PC) running the latest version of your operating system.

AutoDesk And TinkerCAD

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to create an AutoDesk account to use TinkerCAD (the software used to build the 3D models). Setup is quick, easy, and right here: www.tinkercad.com

Now, If You're Really Ambitious...

Why not get started with some simple and fun TinkerCAD tutorials to get a jump on things? Check them out here: www.tinkercad.com/quests

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