360° Video and Virtual Reality

9:45AM – 12PM
1:00PM – 3:15PM
Room: Flex Theatre, 132

The Activity

360° Video and Virtual Reality are part of the newest wave of educational technology. This session will begin with an overview of the current technologies for 360 video creation and consumption. A special focus will be the utilization of 360 degree video to create immersive experiences for students. Participants will get to experience four different applications of the technologies through hands-on activities designed to introduce participants of all familiarity levels.

What is it?

360° video is recorded in all directions by cameras with multiple lenses. It enables viewers to have an immersive experience by being able to look around within a scene. Similar to 360° video, virtual reality is a simulated three-dimensional environment in which users can interact with objects in this environment by using technologies like a VR headset.

How To Prepare For The Session


Take a look and see what kind of projects have been created with 360° video on YouTube.

Now, If You're Really Ambitious...

Check out the available 360 degree photo apps on your smartphone.
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