MAKEiT 2.0

Get Ready for Something Great


Join us on October 12, 2016 for the second installment of our highly-successful maker event from Teaching and Learning with Technology. MAKEiT 2.0 will feature a full day of hands-on activities that will inspire you to reimagine how emerging technologies can empower educators and engage students.

360° video is recorded in all directions and enables viewers to have an incredibly immersive experience.  If you haven’t experienced 360° video, join us and be amazed!

3D printing has changed the way ideas are rapidly brought to life in countless fields. Join our 3D Printing session and prepare to have a lot of fun!

Rapid prototyping is the practice of quickly building a technological solution, testing it, and iterating based on feedback. Join us for a challenging and stimulating activity!

What is MAKEiT?

MAKEiT is a different kind of technology event.


As opposed to traditional session-driven events where attendees passively listen to a variety of speakers, MAKEiT 2.0 features hands-on activities that focus on three rising technologies: 3D printing, 360° video, and rapid prototyping. MAKEiT is about thinking collaboratively with colleagues and students, learning through making, and creating solutions yourself instead of relying on outside sources. Registration is free and includes lunch.

Our Commitment to Innovation

MAKEiT 2.0 is brought to you by Penn State and Teaching & Learning with Technology

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